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February 2008 - I present you here the portrait of Liliane Hellégouarch that I have interviewed.

Thanks to her and this world of sweetness she has created, let's go in the universe
of a teddy bears creator

© Lily bears

Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I live in Brittany, near Lorient and now, I am 58 years old, I can devote myself much more to my hobbies, more particularly, my making of teddy bears.

From when does your passion for teddy bears come from ?

It exactly comes from March 1998 at my grandson's birth : Johann.
I bought him a teddy bear which looked like the one I had when I was young. I unfortunately have only got pictures of it.

Thinking of my teddy bears, a true passion was born and to try to bring it to life again, I bought acrylic fur and a pattern. and that 's how, my first teddy bear was born.


Were you an arctophile, before beginning to make teddy bears ?

No, I wasn't. The passion for teddy bears was dozing in me. From that time I adopted some.

Making teddy bears , is it for you a full time job or only a hobby ?

It's only a hobby, but this hobby can fully keep myself busy.

Do you sell your creations, or do you make them only for yourself and your relatives ?

For a few years, I sold some in local exhibitions and some specialised shops.

For the moment I don't sell them because I have difficulties in being separated from them, as I don't make them in great quantity.
However I manage to offer some to my relatives.


Do you invent your teddies or do you buy ready-made patterns ?

At the beginning, I bought some patterns, and it would have been difficult to do it differently.
But very quickly, I drew mine. Not only it's more interesting, but the gratification to create a teddy bear fro A to Z is also greater.

Can you describe in a few words, the main stages of making teddy bears; what is the most difficult to realize ?

First, you have to create the pattern and I think it's the most difficult stage.
Then, I put it on the plush, taking care of the straight thread and the sense of the fur. after I cut up the pieces and I gather them, sewing by hand or with a machine, following the size of the teddy bear.

After making the articulations, I fill them with cotton wool, wood straw. And to finish, I sew the ears, put the eyes, embroide the truffle and the claws. Then, I have to find it a first name.

What kind of teddy bear do you prefer ?

Personally ,I prefer the teddies which look old, with a worn fur, with a sad look, which make them more touching. I make them onjly with mohair and today I prefer ankle boots buds for the teddies eyes.



Have your teddy bears a special room or are they scattered in the house ?

They can be in every room of our house and they also go on holidays !!


As I am also an arctophile , I was asked if I felt a little special. Is it your case or not ?

Considering I kept my child's soul, then I am without any doubt, special, but only for some other people...

If you want to add something else to this interview, I let you the final word.

A little advice to people who still have the teddy bear from their childhood, Go quickly to search it in your storehouse and give it back the place which comes back to it in the house.It will thank you back.

Thank you so much Geneviève, to love bears so much and to make us discover them on all their sides.

If you want to know more about Liliane 's passion, I invite you to visit her wonderful website: clicking here   or on the banner below:



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