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Thank you to Catherine Gabriel for this interview which allows to make known her works of teddy bears's creator from Austalia.

Catherine, who are you ? cgabriel.jpg

My name is Catherine Gabriel.

I am 31 years old, married with a 20 month old son and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Can you explain your passion for teddy bears ? Did it come from childhood or from a more recent period?


I don’t remember having any teddy bears as a child, but I did have other plush animals.

Teddy Bears is something I became interested in after visiting a teddy bear show here in Melbourne in 2003.
I was amazed by all the artist bears that I saw, especially the miniature bears

I was inspired to try it myself. At the time I was at home unable to work due to being ill with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I needed a new hobby to help fill in my days and bearmaking looked like it would be fun. I started out by making a miniature bear from a kit and developed my skills by myself.

It wasn’t long before I was designing my own bears and selling them!
                                                                                                                                                                                                        © Caya's creation - Pip

What are your favourite teddies ?

Some of my favourite teddies I have made include Milo, I think he has such a sweet face, typical of my style which has often been described as “cute”.

Maurice is another one I like, he was something completely different for me and I really loved how he turned out.

Did you collect teddies before you started creating them?

No, I collected other plush animals – not so much teddy bears.

I never dreamed that I would become a teddy bear artist!

Is it difficult to create a teddy bear?
Can you explain the different states of making them?


No, it’s not that difficult. I had never attempted to make a toy before I started bearmaking, but I found it quite easy.
I love handstitching so I decided to concentrate on making miniature bears. I have never made a bear over 6 inches tall.

I like to work on the head first. Creating the face is the part I enjoy the most. Each bear has its own personality.
I like to keep my bears simple with no clothing, I think it is a pity to cover up the lovely fur.

Most of my bears are made using soft synthetic fur with ultrasuede paw pads and onyx bead eyes and range in size from 2 to 6 inches.

What is for you the ideal teddy bear?

For me, the ideal teddy bear is cute, cuddly and is a comfort to have around.

Do you create other plushes?

Yes, I also make cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. My miniature cats have been very popular with cat lovers.

I have also recently started making japanese style plushie creations and cloth dolls too.

Have you some other passions?

I like to collect all sorts of dolls and also enjoy travelling and photography, but my main passion is animals.

I am a huge animal lover and have always had pets throughout my life.

© Caya's creations - Momo 

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