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I cracked up for Sophie's creations and I have contacted her so that she participates in my topic " Passion of teddy bears " and she agreed with this idea.

Thanks to this interview. I present you Sophie's happiness.

Sophie, why do you like teddy bears ?

When I was young, I only had two plushes with whom I played : a pink teddy bear and a yellow rabbit.

They slept in my bed. Later, my father brought back from Paris a wonderful racoon with its baby in its arms.

But, as I thought I had not enough plushes to play with, I systematically borrowed my brother's teddy bear...

When I was an adult, my interest for teddy bears woke up, when I worked in England, in Oxford. At first I noticed that over there, teddy bears were everywhere.

Each college in Oxford has a teddy bear with its coat of arms. We also find teddy bears with the colours of Oxford, or those of one university celebrating each occasion.

And, of course, we also find Paddington in England.

© Sophie Z'ours - Sophie and Anatole

To finish, in short, by chance I discovered a shop-museum in a little village named Witney.

As I was curious, I went there and I fell back in childhood....The "Ali Baba " cave for lovers of teddy bears. Then, I discovered the existence of teddy bears to collect and some creators of teddies.

My favourite teddies were the Cheeky teddy bears from Merrythought brand. In spite of its prize that I founded very expensive, I came back home with my first teddy to collect. and I came back there again and again, making larger my newly-born collection.

In this shop-museum I was charmed by the happiness and the serenity that I was feeling there. All the teddy bears covered me with happiness and sweetness. I believe that unconsciously, I have decided that I wanted to create this atmosphere in my own house.

© Sophie Z'ours - Anatole
(The grey-bleu teddy bear) that I like and Valentino
How did you have the idea to make teddy bears ?

When I came back to France, after my stay in England, I was unumployed and very unoccupied

My Cheeky teddy bears were with me and smiled at me. They whispered me to search websites dedicated to teddy bears on internet and I found the site "Oursement vôtre" .

On this website, a French creator , Laurence Veron, proposed free patterns of teddy bears to do by yourself.

I downloaded the one of the teddies whose name was "Bonjour" and I decided to make it.

But it was a mad idea, because I never learnt how to sew.
Then it was a holy challenge.

I searched for a retailer of material to make teddy bears where I got articulations, eyes, noses, and stuffing. I went to a store to buy thread, needles and wool.

And I began to make " Bonjour ". It was difficult to make regular stitches, but I obtained an acceptable result.

I could'nt help embroiding a mouth and adding pads to the paws and to the ears.

One, it was finished, "Bonjour" told me that he wanted to be dressed ( it's got a cheek !!). So I bought felt, press-studs and I made a little tunic. My first teddy bear was born.
Of course it was the most beautiful teddy bear made with my own hands. So after, I made my own patterns.

What are the different stages of fabrication ?


© Sophie Z'ours - Baloo is a big teddy bears of whom i am proud.


The first and the most important stage of fabrication is for me the choice of furs.

My favorite material is mohair. I have huge quantities of mohair at home. Alpaga is also fantastic to work with.

I also have somme pieces of acrylic fur. But I don't like it too much, but it offers some satisfactory results for the potential customers.

The hair is very thick and allows to sculp the truffle with, more easily than with mohair.

Mohair is expensive : the more the fur is thick, the more it's expensive. When I have all the supplies, I choose the pattern. I have not a lot of different patterns.

For the moment, I have two different patterns for the head. The rest of my pattern is declined according to my needs and my desires.

With my computer, I have created enlargingd and reductions of my favourite patterns. I printed the models on thick paper.

The long and boring following stage, is to place the models on the mohair fur, from an economic way and in respecting the direction of the fur. then I drew the different elements of the pattern with a pen or sometimes a felt-pen and I cut up with care.

Then, I sew the different pieces with a stitch to tack, and after I sew the head and ears by hand, except for the big teddies. I sew the body, the arms, the legs with a machine. I sew the feet pads by hand.

I stuff the head, put the articulation, yhe eyes, the arms, the legs and finally attach everythin to the body and close.

What are your favourite sizes of teddy bears ?

I don't want to make miniatures teddy bears. For the moment my smallest size is 21cm, but it was difficult to sew the arms and the legs.

I prefer the 23cm. I like making teddies like Anatole ( 38cm)

The only disadvantage with the big teddies, is that they take more place. But they give the opportunity to use absolutly divine mohair with long hairs. Another advantage with big teddies is that you can make them larger hugs !!!

What are your favourite colours ?
The person who wants traditionnal teddy bears will have no chance to find them with me, except with a special order. I prefer very coloured teddy bears.


© Sophie Z'ours - Mei - My favourite teddy bear

What are your favourite materials ?

Mohair, alpaga, wool or synthetic for fur. But the one I prefer is mohair. For the stuffing,

I like the Kapock to stuff the nose and feet : it's a silky and light vegetal fibre.



Do you make this job in a full time or like a hobby ?

 The making of teddy bears is a nice hobby. I don't want it to begin a job. i like to work at my own quiet rythm.

Do you exhibit in fairs ?

There are a few fairs of teddy bears in France. "Paris creation " and "the AGDM exhibition " also in Paris, the great teddy bears fair in Arpaillargues and the teddy bears fair of Mortemer abbey in Lisors ( Normandy).

The next will be the 23th and 24th of march 2008 ( easter week end).

I will send teddy bears to Sidney in Australia for the "Sidney Teddy bear fair" the 13th of april, but I can't go there, what a pity !!

© Sophie Z' ours - Perce Neige , one of the last teddy bear I made.

What to you want to add ?
I make teddy bears to order but I don't work very quickly.

If the world of Sophie cause you interest, I invite you to visit her wonderful website "Sophie Z'ours" Clickin on this banner :



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