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I would like to inform you of a project I found on the web.

I was very interested in it and I applied to one of the creators. I propose you to read the answers of Florian Möllers I have interviewed. He is the communication director of this great project, : WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE. Thanks to him.

The photos which illustrate this interview are from the website of Wild Wonders of Europe, and I put them with the agreement of Florian Möllers.

© Wild Wonders of Europe - Florian Möllers( Allemagne)
communication director
FDPCairnsportrait1.jpg MDStWidstrandportrait1.jpg

© Wild Wonder of Europe
On the left : Peter Cairns (Ecosse ) - financial director & On the right: Staffan Widstrand ( Suède ) - Managing director


Can you explain in a few words to my website's visitors, the project of WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE ? Why are you doing it ? During how much time ?

" WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE " has one main goal : 700 Million people in Europe shall fall in love with the beautiful nature on their continent.

We think that nature photography and film-making are the most powerful tools to touch the hearts of our European fellow citizens.

Many of them have forgotten that we have fantastic wildlife and natural places left - in spite of the influence of mankind. Many Europeans don't even know about the WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE.

We want to change that. We want to invite people of all ages and especially children and young folks to go out and have a look themselves. The wilderness start right in your backyard !

You can find cool things even in the city where you live, in your garden, around your football field or on your way to school.

© Wild wonders of Europe - Staffan Widstrand

Nature is the origin of culture in Europe. It connects us to our past. It is an answer to the question : What is Europe ?

And a wonderful heritage that we have to reconnect to and feel responsible for. The project has been developped during the past two years and will officially start in May 2008.

Then, our first photographers will go into the field on their assignments. To more than 40 countries in Europe. The whole project will last until 2012 - and hopefully longer in the hearts and minds of the people.

You speak in your website about a big book you want to realize . When do you think it will be published ?

We are going to publish this book in early 2010.

What are your main partners ?

National geographic, Epson, Unep and hopefully some other ones soon.

You know my interest for bears. What professionnals are going to photograph them ?Only in Finland or in other countries ?

© Wild Wonders of Europe - Staffan Widstrand


Staffan Widstrand, one of our directors who is also animal photographer, will be going to Finland to photograph bears. The other mission are still confidential. But we will also go to other places to photograph bears ...

Do you think that showing the Wild Wonders of Europe, will help people to realize that our planet is in danger ?

Our message is a positive one. Yes, our planet is in danger. We need to do something about it. But we look at it from another perspective : look at what we still have. Look how wildlife is coming back to Europe : bears, wolves, lynx, cranes, storks...

© Wild Wonders of Europe - photo of Peter Crains


Let us stay on this track. Let us do more of this good work so we will create even better conditions for nature and people in Europe.

We feel that we have to start here, in front of our own doors, in our own living room, in our own hearts and minds. And great photography is a powerful tool to change minds and hearts - in this case to the better -

How will you use the money you'll earn with the sale of your book ? What kind of associations would you want to help ?

During the project WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE will support many NGO and private initiatives, but not neccessarily with money, but with great pictures.

Unfortunately, people still think that you can earn as much money with a book about nature as you can with Harry Potter.

That is not at all the case !!! If we earn money as J.K. Rowling at one point though, we will find good conservation projects to invest it in . So far, we have been paying everything in this project from our own pockets. Not to speak of the thousands of hours of time that we invested.

We will need a lot of support from many sides : private people, corporate partners and governmental bodies.

So, please get in touch if you want to know what you will get in return !!

Thanks a lot to Florian Möllers, and his partners for this ambitious and wonderful project.

If you want to know more about this project, go to the website of WILDS OF EUROPE, clicking here:

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You are here :   Welcome » A wonderful adventure
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