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15 - 16th March 2008 : International festival of teddy bears in Wiesbaden in Germany.

Angela Meier is a teddy bears's creator since 2005.

She lives in Germany nearby Mittenwalde.

Exhibiting her creations at the fair of Wiesbaden the 15 and 16th of March 2008, sheoffered to make a little reporting and take pictures of creators of teddy bears I like the creations because I did not have the opportunity to go to Wiesbaden.

The creators presented in this article have accepted to have one's photograph and to appear in my website and I thank them for that.

I thank Angela who is also one of my favourite creators and  you can see her below on her stand. To know more about her creations here is her web site address :


© Angela Meier

Here are below two pictures of the fair before to see in detail some of my favourites creators.

© Angela Meier
© Angela Meier - Annie Beerten's stand

Annie is a Belgian creator of teddy bears that I had the pleasure to meet in the AGDM festival of teddy bears in Paris .

I bought her one of my favourite teddies, Ferdi. As I know she will read this article, I give her my regards and I hope to see her very soon at the next fair in Paris

. ferdi5.jpg
© Geneviève Hamelin - My teddy bear " Ferdi " created by Annie Beerten
© Angela Meier - Inès Kretzschman's stand - Baerenkinder

Inès is a German creator of teddy bears from  Freibourg in the black forest. After the creation of big teddies, she decided to create miniature teddy bears.

Fo more informations , you can visit her website to this following address :


© Angela Meier - Renée Hutmacher's stand - Teddybier

Renée is native from Luxembourg. She is a creator of teddy bears who was as she said "contaminated by the virus of teddy bears ", and; I should add " for our greatest pleasure" .

Here is the address of her website,

© Angela Meier -  Erika Knirsch's stand

Erika is a German creator. I like particulary her polar teddy bears.

To visit her website, click on the following address


© Angela Meier - Monique ter Braak's stand - Otsie bears


Monique is a very original  Dutch creator.
You can see her creations on her website

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You are here :   Welcome » Wiesbaden : creators exhibit
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