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I propose you to discover the portrait of a talented belgian watercolourist.

One day, making researches on internet, I discovered her website and wrote a message on her guestbook : "When will you paint bears ?".

In fact she never had the opportunity to take pictures of bears and I sent some pictures of bears I had photographied in a zoo and she made two wonderful watercoulours that you'll see in this article.

She agreed to speak about her and I thank her very much.

devant les loups.jpg
© Odette Godfroid - During an exhibition of her watercolours of wolwes. Alsace 2007


"I am an amateur watercolourist, I have a passion for nature. I paint landscapes but my favourite subjects are animals.

I am attracted by wolves because it's an animal which fascinates me. I find it beautiful and also a little mysterious that I would like to live among them.
I love them so much that I already went everywhere to meet them, but each time, I was heavy-hearted because they are not free !

" Here are some writings about me :

- « The wolves have quickly taken a part of her life. If she paints them so well, it's because she loves them , and she doesn't only paint the wolves, she also went to see them everywhere she had the opportunity, everywhere they were close to mankind. She read everything which was writen about these "bad-loved" " MD

- « Odette Godfroid has many passions. And particularly the one of the wolves which allows her to let shining out her talent of painter to serve them. This artist has the very rare talent for catching attitudes and restauring them in a full poetry context.The fact is that she is a great artist in full possession of her faculties."José MESPOUILLE (Journalist, Art critic)"

If you want to know more, here is the address of my website :

Here are two watercolours magnificently painted by Odette .

Tete ours.jpg
© Odette Godfroid -Watercolour - The head of a polar bear

Ours Gene.jpg
© Odette Godfroid - Watercolour - Polar bear

Today, 26th april 2008, here are two new watercolours of Odette about polar bears.
One of them is the famous german polar bear "Knut"

Combien de temps encore.jpg
© Odette Godfroid - watercolour of a polar bear- " How much time ? "
© Odette Godfroid - Watercolour - The famous Knut

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You are here :   Welcome » Her portrait
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