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Thanks to Polar Bears International to give me the agreement to write the article about their association

© Polar Bears International



Polar Bears International : the resource for polar bear science, education and conservation.

© Polar bears International - R. Buchanan


Polar Bears International ( PBI) is an organization whose work is field-based in the icy North where polar bears roam.

PBI believes that scientific research, educating the public, and conservation activities are the keys to saving the polar bear and its arctic habitat.

The loss of sea ice in the Arctic is threatening polar bears ' survival. Polar bears depend on the ice as a platform from which to hunt seals, the mainstay of their diet.They also rely on sea ice for breeding and denning.

Scientists now predict that two-thirds of the world's polar bears could vanish by 2050 if current warming trends continue.

Although polar bears are treading on thin ice, the situation is not irreversible - and PBI is taking a two-pronged approach tosaving the bears.

First, PBI is working with the world's leading polar bears scientists to gather data needed to make sound management decisions.

As PBI's president Robert Buchanan says : " There are three kinds of people in the world : those who make change happen, those
who watch change happen, and those who ask what happened. BE ONE OF THOSE WHO MAKE CHANGE "

Guiding principles

  • PBI is dedicatedto conserving the world's polar bears through research and education
  • PBI is committed to understanding and communicating all points of view on issues affecting the world's polar bears
  • To eliminate any perceived or actual conflict of interest, PBI's Board of Directors comprises individuals with no financial interest that would benefit from involvment with the organization
  • Board members do not receive any compensation or expense reimbursement
  • 100% of all donations go to PBI's initiatives
  • Gift shop proceeds and PBI board members pay all administrative costs.

© Polar Bears International

Primary Goals :

  • To conserve polar bears and their Arctic habitat through research and education
  • To serve as the worldwide resource for polar bears science, education and conservation
  • To promote teamwork in pursuite of its goals and be international in scope
  • To be fiscally responsible and maximise the return on investment in all programms
  • To develop stong communications that represent PBI as the key resource for polar bear science, education and conservation

Leading scientists from around the world serve on PBI's scientific Advisory Council. These dedicated individual provide guidance for the most urgently needed projects in a warming Arctic.

If you want to know more about PBI, please connect in their website :clicking here

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You are here :   Welcome » Conservation through research and education
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