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In this beginning of 2009, I would like to present one of my favourite american
animal painter whose name is Val Warnerwho gave me the opportunity to publish her portrait
on my site " Sur les pas des ours"

© Val Warner


This animal painter who belongs to the association " Artist's for Conservation " lives in California on five beautiful "mountain top " acres with her husband Chuck and their golden retriever Rocky, between Sacramento and Tahoe.

She always has been inspired by the Nature who surrounded her and painted all her life without ending focus on the play of light on living creatures. She was asked why she paint by a well known painter. She told him " It's me, it's what I do "

She realized that when she paint she get to become very intimate with her subject. She see it/them for what they really are. Light, colour , radiance. She's brought to tears everytime.


© Val Warner - VAl and a baby grizzly

When the education of her children was finished, Val started on her journey through many educational forums to develop herself as a professional artist .

She participated to two sessions of the Portrait Society of America's yearly worshop back east ",to School of Light and colours in Fair Oaks where she learnt to see the radiance and color in all things, and in the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she focused on illustration and anatomy.

She learnt an appreciation and dedication to detail and perfection in her work.

© Val Warner

© Val Warner - Grizzli

She choose the oil painting to paint the wildlife.

She finds that oils lend themselves to the luminosity and depth she needs to show in her work.Her style is basically realistic.

Her quest is to show her subjects in a way that causes to viewer to stop and take notice.
Her work has a certain radiance that transcends the canvas.

© Val Warner 2008

© Val Warner 2008 - panda

If you want to know more about Val Warner and her wonderful paintings of wild nature, go to her website: clicking here

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