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Here is the Patrica Pépin's interview, animal painter that I would like
to make you known because I like very much her work.

Thanks to her to give me it in a full period of exhibitions. 

© Patricia Pepin

Patricia, can you introduce you in a few words and tell us the reason of your passion for animal painting ?

I am born in Bromont Quebec, Canada. I lived at different places, such as Vancouver, BC. for a year.

I came back to Bromont 10 years ago. I always had a special affection for horses, even working as a groom for many years. Today I have 2 dogs at home that keep me busy when I don’t paint

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a teenager. Animals have always been among my favourites subjects, but 15 year ago a friend introduced me to wildlife art and for the 10 last years I made it my living.

© Patricia Pépin


You magnificently have painted bears. Did you meet them in the wild ?

Yes I take my own pictures, in zoo and animal parks. I sometimes see black bears in nature .

© Patricia Pépin


Do you only exhibit your works in Canada and in the United-States, or have you projects of exhibition in Europe ?

I don’t have a big production and I concentrate on north American exhibits, but maybe one day…

© Patricia Pépin

What are you technics of painting, your approach of nature ?

I always paint with oil and recently I started using acrylic. I also changed canvas for board for a smoother finish.

I venerate nature, it’s why I paint it as precisely as possible with that much detail. It takes me a lot of time and energy!

Because I put everything I have into my paintings I have nothing left to talk about them, so I hope they talk by themselves…

© Patricia Pépin

Ready for Winter 5x4.jpg
© Patricia Pépin

If you want to see the other paintings of Patricia, go on her website : clicking here

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You are here :   Welcome » Animal artist
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