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I would like to thank Ernestina for having answered my questions.
I saw her work on internet and I liked it very much and I wanted to share it with you.


© Ernestina Gallina

" Since I was a child I dreamed of becoming an artist, but I thought that I wasn't good enough to make a living from it. So I decided to study education and became a teacher.

I discovered rock painting by chance in 1996; it fired my imagination and my enthusiasm. I absolutely had to try it! I still remember my first painted rock, it was a cow and I was fascinated by how paint could transform an ordinary rock into a life-like looking creature.

From that moment rocks took on a new meaning and became a significant part of my life. I have painted thousands of them and continue to find this art form irresistible and magical. "

Ernestina Gallina2.jpg
© Ernestina Gallina

What or who has inspired you throughout your artistic path?

The beauty of nature and rocks. I am a careful observer. I watch animals, study their anatomy, draw sketches, and collect photos.
That is one way of learning how to see an animal in a rock.


© E. Gallina - rock before

© Ernestina Gallina

What is your favourite media and why have you chosen to work with these media and techniques?

I work exclusively with acrylics. These are incredibly versatile; they take to the most unusual surfaces and work wonderfully on rocks.

Why have you chosen wildlife as a subject matter in your work?

I love nature and animals, often I find myself to search for their shapes in the rocks I pick up on river banks or beds.

Do you look for a certain shape for an animal or does the rock itself dictate what you paint?

Both. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to paint and I seek out a rock whose shape matches what I want.

More often it's the rock itself that will spark an idea and I'll go from there. Some rocks tell me at once what they want to be. For others I have to wait; I examine them carefully, trying to find patterns in their shape, waiting for inspiration, with no haste.

Sometimes it takes weeks, or months. I put the rock back with others on a shelf or in my garden among plants. Sooner or later a random glance will reveal to me its hidden design.

© Ernestina Gallina


Even though you have never had any formal art school training, have you ever studied under another artist?
What is your background?

I have never had a drawing lesson in my life. My favorite learning mediums have always been books, online resources, and experimenting by trial and error.

Also, when I teach rock painting classes I often learn from my students, watching them painting and drawing.

In my artistic experience I have learned a valuable lesson: passion is the key, never let fear of someone else's judgement stop you.

Too often we allow our insecurities to restrain our creativity. Paint to please yourself and not others; do it for your own personal joy and pleasure and people will sense it and appreciate your work.

© Ernestina Gallina


Do you have a highlight(s) or special moment(s) in your artistic endeavours?

During my exhibitions, sometimes, visitors touch my painted rocks as if they couldn't believe that they were once ordinary rocks.

That, for me, is the finest moment of my work: seeing people's reaction in front of them.

Sometimes they even return the next day, bringing me oddly shaped rocks they've always had in their gardens or fields
Ernestina also does classes on rock painting for basic, intermediate and advanced levels every Thursday afternoon at her home, Cesenatico, Italy, or if you are too busy to attend the classes, Ernestina’s lessons are available at her website : clicking here

Follow Ernestina work in progress by visiting her blog clicking there

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