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Apart from some links I put on animals photographers's websites of which I appreciate the work, I have decided in this article to make you share my interest for my favourite animal photographers who have really exceptional aptitudes regarding their whole pictures and who have above all photographed my favourite animals : bears.

I would like to begin with one of my favourite photographer : Louis-Marie Préau

Louis- Marie Préau : an "angevin" animal photographer

Born in the area of Angers, Louis-Marie Préau was interested when he was young in nature then in photography.He began as a professionnal photographer in 2001 and can put his aptitude to help associations for the preservation of nature.He realized some reports in specialized magazines like 'Terre Sauvage" " chasseurs d'images".

He is with Laurent Nedelec, the author of the photographs of the book "Live with the bear" from Farid Benhammou.

It's in Croatia, Finland and Slovenia that he realized brown bears photographs.

Copyright Louis-Marie Préau


Copyright Louis-Marie Préau


Copyright Louis-Marie Préau

Michio Hoshino, japanese photographer,dead in 1996

Michio hoshino.jpg
Copyright Michio Hoschino

Michio Hoshino was born in Japan in 1952. At the age of 16,he spent one summer hitchhiking through the United States, Mexico and Canada.

A few years later, in 1973, he spent three months with an eskimo family in the village of Shismaref in Alaska.After completing his degree at university, he came back to Alaska as a photographer to immortalize the landscapes, wildlife and people.

He published his photographs in newspapers like the National Geographic, and Geo.His bears photographs are beautiful, the grizzlis ones as well as the polar bears ones. Here are some of them.

Copyright Michio Hoshino

Copyright Michio Hoshino

Remo Savisaar, estonian photographer

Copyright Remo Savisaar

I present you in a few words, Remo Savisaar with whom I have exchanged emails to obtain the permission to publish this article.I adore his wonderful pictures taken by this young photographer, especially his pictures of bears and foxes.

Remo was born in 1978 in Tartu in Estonia. He started taking nature pictures in 2005 and has been doing it since then for the last three years. At first it was more like a hobby but now, it's his fulltime job.

If the pictures of bears that you can see below are beautiful, I invite you to go on his blog to see his portfolio where you'll discover wonderful pictures.To visit it : Clich here


Copyright Remo Savisaar

Copyright Remo Savisaar
Copyright Remo Savisaar

Sandra Lefrançois, an animal artist and photographer
Copyright Sandra LeFrançois

I thank Sandra Lefrançois for this article; she accepted that I publish it on my website.Sandra Lefrançois lives in Brittany and she has a Fine Art degree from schools of Le havre and Rennes.

She is a naturalistic artist and gathers with three hobbies which are drawing, photography and nature.

Copyright Sandra LeFrançois


She works for magazines such as Ushuaïa nature, Terre Sauvage, Images nature, Images Doc....

In 2004, she illustrated Mark Duquet's ornithological glossary for the Delachaux and Niestlé editions.In 2005 she achieved the calligraphies of Tancho from Vincent Munier and in 2006, the Nature reserve of the "Ré" island,gives her the realization of its pedagogic media with the help of "Nature et Découvertes".

Her artistic works are very classical.She uses graphit lead and lead pencil which allow a greater rapidity of execution and are also more likely to give a certain authenticity to her work.

In decembre 2007, Sandra illustrated articles in the special "Images Nature" (n° 2- decembre 2007) dedicated to the talented animal photographer : Vincent Munier.


Copyright Images Nature


Her bears drawings are wonderful and I let you discover them below.
ours brun pl +petite.jpg

Copyright Sandra Lefrançois

Copyright Sandra Lefrançois

Copyright Sandra Lefrançois

If you want to know more Sandra photographs : go to her website clicking here


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