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© Henry Ausloos

Here is the interview realised about Henry Ausloos, a belgian photographer who was born in Brussels en 1953, and who has been taking photos of nature and animals all around the world for 30 years.

I was contacted by mail by Henry Ausloos to speak in my website about his book for children speaking about bears. After an exchange of different mails, we could talk about our passion for bears.

It's the reason why this interview was born thanks to Henry Ausloos's spontaneity and kindness.

When did your passion for photography appear?

I began to walk, alone in nature when I was 2.
When I was 5-6 years old, more than one time, my parents thought I was lost in the forest, but each time I came back...
When I was 10, I discovered photography at secondary school.

But it's only when I was 22 during my university studies, that when reading the book of Varin and Baufle "the photography hunting" I decided to give up everything and become a photographer.

When did you really begin to make professional photographs instead of your own ones ?

To tell the truth, I never did photographs for myself.

As soon as I became a photographer, everythingwas turned towards this direction , to the detriment of my relatives.

It was difficult at the beginning.

But I am obstinate and in 1979 my first books were edited " Le guide de la chasse photographique" at Marabout and "Sur les chemins du paradis" at Press and pictures.

As I only live with my photographs, I publish very regularly.

I work with about twenty photographic agencies all over the world.

In France the main agency is BIOS which just celebrated its 20th anniversary and I have been working for it for 18/19 years.

The agency which had my photographs for about 30 years is "Animals Animals" agency in the United States.


In which magazines do you publish your photographs ?

I publish my photographs in magazines for children like Wapiti, Wakou, Images Doc and also in National geographic or Tere Sauvage.Je publie aussi bien dans des magazines pour enfants comme Wapiti, Wakou ou Images Doc que dans National Geographic ou Terre Sauvage.

My photographs are used in books, calendars, postcards and posters...

What kind of photographs do you prefer : nature, animals, people... ?

My favourite ones are photos of mammals; they are more difficult to observe than birds (that I did'nt disdain).
The first plush is often a bear, not a bird.I take a few photographs of people.

I let my family take them.Here are some of my favourite photographs : bears and pandas.

What countries did you prefer during your reporting and why ?

My favourite countries are the cold ones : the extraordinary Alaska, Canada, northern european countries; they are too unknown by French people.

I did'nt disdain Africa, Asia or south America, but I have a marked preference for Jack London (even if Kipling stays fabulous ! )

Why ? Perhaps for the solitude of the great areas and to be at one with nature.



Where did your writing passion came from ?

I have always loves writing, even if I am not a writer, but I like to pass on. I must say that I wrote about 20 books ! For some of them I only made the photographs..

I wrote a book whose name is "La Camargue des chevaux" which received the public literary prize "Centauriades".My last 4 books are "Petit futé" guides : Alsace, Strasbourg, Nîmes and Le Gard and the Languedoc Roussillon.

For children, I wrote " Kramik, king of the mountains.

It's a kind of tale about a bear which was captured in east countries and arrived in the Pyrénées.

It meets a bear female whichwill be killed by a hunter.

So the bears leave the country and troubles begin.

At the same time I wrote " Surcouf, grand voyageur " which tells the story of a wolf which comes from Italy, meets a female wolf, creates a pack and comes to France.




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