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I wish to make you know a talented photographer : Vincent Munier, through this article.
It's with his agreement that his portrait is published on this website and I thank him.
A special magazine " Images Nature" is dedicated to him ( number 2 - decembre 2007).
If you want to know more about him, read it .
Copyright Laurent Giraud - Images Nature
Vincent Munier was born in "Vosges" in 1976.
He grew up in a family closed to nature, with a father who photographied his area with
a passion that he very early transmitted to his son.
Moreover they have just published together a beautiful book " Clair de brume " at the Hesse editions.


Vincent Munier at 12 - © Images Nature

It's in 1988 that he managed to take his first animal photograph : the one of a roebuck.
It was the beginning of a passion and more and more successful photographs.
He worked in horticulture before having a job as a photographer at the "East republican newspaper"
His career really begins in 2000, and he becomes a professional in 2002.
At that time he travels to Japan and makes wonderful pictures of cranes.
He works for a lot of magazines as Geo, Terre sauvage, National geographic , Ushuaïa magazine...
Vincent Munier - © Images Nature


Vincent Munier is a great photographer of my favourite animals : he knows how to photography them wonderfully
in their natural environment, especially the big bears of Siberia, that he photograpied three times in Kamtchatka.
Here below are the photographs, that he agreed to let me publish.
I will finish this portrait with a quotation of one of Vincent Munier friend :
Benoît Palusinski :" Vincent is a photographer, a poet and a philosopher
Brown bear fromKamtchatka - © Vincent Munier
© Vincent Munier
© Vincent Munier

If you want to discover the Vincent Munier's wonderful portfolio , go to his website : clicking here


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You are here :   Welcome » To discover him
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