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2010 Year of Biodiversity:



French government abandons bear ?

2004, November : Cannelle, the last native Pyrenean bear, fell under the bullets of the hunter René Marquèze
2009, November: 5 years later, sad reality. What happens to the bear in France?

A group of associations request the intervention of the European commission to maintain a viable bear population

In 1981, France launched «the plan bears» to save the species from extinction.

On November 3, 2004, the President of the Republic Jacques Chirac, moved by the news reports to the Council of Ministers that the disappearance of Cannelle is a great loss for biodiversity in France and Europe.

But France, anxious to spare the lobbies opposed to threatening the existence of the bear (hunters, ranchers, developers and planners), has not given herself the means to defend his cause.

Despite the promises of restoration of populations and minimal reintroduction programs in 1996 and 2006, the bears population in the French Pyrenees is still in agony.

We denounce:

- Violations of the promises in the case of the protection of bears in the Pyrenees.
In 50 years, bear habitat is still not adequately protected, hunting beaten on their territory is still not banned and reinforcing populations barely cover natural deaths, accidental or intentional.

- A policy of reintroduction too little ambitious.
It did not restore the bear population in a favorable conservation status and let die the nucleus of isolated indigenous bears in the western Pyrenees.

Reintroductions are not simply to satisfy the minimum requirements of a European community in maintaining a dozen bears on its territory as a small zoo. They should help to keep a viable population.

- Improper use of funds for the protection of the bear
Several organizations have been funded for many years without being able to deliver results.

- Financing of pastoral associations ultra-violent and opposed to the bear with public funds
The ASPAP ( received 20,000 euros in 2006 from the general council of Ariege. The President of the General Council of the Ariege, Augustin Bonrepaux is also himself an opponent of the bear.

After 10 years managing the bear population is at its worst, especially after the killing of two females.

- Lack of government commitment
They continue to compensate shepherds who refuse categorically measures to protect herds, instead of conditioning the payment of compensation to their establishment.

- Complicity of French justice.
In dealing with environmental cases as secondary cases, it increases the feeling of impunity among hunters and activists ultra-pastoral.

We ask:

- The immediate reintroduction of females in the Western population where survive only 2 or 3 males. And the regular use of reinforcements throughout this entire bear population whose numbers are too small to survive in the medium term, as long as the latter is not guaranteed by the experts.

- The creation of fully protected areas in the Pyrenees where the bear would be a major beneficiary.

- The ban on hunting with dogs and beaten in areas where the presence of bears is correct, including the technical team bears, especially in areas previously identified as a breeding area of youth during the two months before entry into the den.

- That the state implement a contract with farmers to make systematic protection of herds in areas with bears, and compensation for damage is reduced in case of refusal of means and protective devices - Whether the administration is funding research on new ways to protect herds using specialists (fences, scare light or sound ...) and encourages the use of guard dogs whose effectiveness is universally recognized.

- Increased staffing of ONCFS fight against poaching, trapping, poisoning and firearms.

For too many years, the French government arranged for removing a species threatened by pretending that it protects. Today, we ask the Council of European Communities to investigate and bring France meet its EU commitments.

2010 is the year that has established the European Community for an update on the status of biodiversity, hoping experience slow degradation.

On this occasion, it is the duty of all to break down walls of silence and the language of wood. The France have no right, no legitimacy to set itself up as a model. The commitments are not respected.

The species continue to decline, the habitat is reduced, due to decisions to maintain or increase corporate interests at the expense of the aspirations of the majority of citizens.

It is the duty of the Commissioners in charge of biodiversity to require France to respect the obligations it made to him, for which she has adhered to the conservation and protection, for which she receives financial aid.

It is the duty of citizens in the European community to support efforts to get France to respect its commitments.

List of signatories and

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Last update : 21/02/2012 : 19:26
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You are here :   Welcome » Its aim : to protect bears
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