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New report that Philippe HENRY sent to me the 23th december 2009 : beautiful Christmas present - Thanks to him.

" The GRIZZLIS of the river of TASHENSHINI "
© Philippe Henry


While continuing to work in Ecuador part of the year, at the achievement of a book on the Andean Bear,
I visit other areas in which people can observe and photograph other species of bear much easily.


© Philippe Henry

One of my recent adventures led me to the border of Yukon and British Columbia.
I came here to cover a story on the work of biologists who study red squirrels (to be published in the January 2010 issue of WAPITI magazine). I took the opportunity to discover the region on foot and canoe.
I stayed two month there and I had the opportunity to meet members of First Nation Champagne
and Aishihik who show me the best spots to observe and photograph GrizzlyBears.

© Philippe Henry

One of these places are located along the Tatshenshini River, which with the Alsek River gave their names to one of the wildest regions of Western Canada: the Tashenshini-Alsek National Park. This park is adjacent to Kluane National Park, Glacier Bay and Wrangell-St. Elias National Parks. Spreading over the Yukon, Alaska and British Columbia, they form the largest protected area in the world with 8.5 million hectares. They have been designated by UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity.


© Philippe Henry

Tatshenshini-Alsek is considered to be one of the most magnificent river systems on earth.
The river Tashenshini belongs to the Rivers of Canadian Heritage, a distinction reserved for a group of very special rivers in Canada.
The areas this river runs through are important refuges for wildlife.

© Philippe Henry

The Tashenshini-Alsek Park is home to one of the largest population of Grizzly bears in the world.
I started my canoe trip where the Tatshenshini River forms the border between the Yukon and British Columbia. There, I put the cedar canoe into the water with all the equipment to survive a few weeks in complete autonomy.

© Philippe Henry

I only paddled the first few miles down this river.It was impossible to go further,
impossible to paddle with a cedar canoe in the rapids which make this river one of the best in the world for rafters and kayakers.

© Philippe Henry

I visited creeks and forests in search for the Grizzly. The Tatshenshini is an important salmon spawning river.
I took these photos in August, when grizzlies were feeding on salmon in the main river and creeks.
© Philippe Henry

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