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It's on facebook , thanks to common friends that I discovered Patrick's website : beautiful photos and above all wonderful photos of bears in Alaska and Finland.

I asked him : why this passion for bears ? and I thank him to allow me to publish his answer.

PATRICK DELIEUTRAZ : his meeting with bears


" A change in my life made me leave to meet bears; At that particular moment, I felt the need to travel further than what I have done before.During the Montier en Der festival, I was attending Remy Marion's conference on bears. And I said to myself : why not ?.

Rather seeing bears in good conditions, I went to the Kodiak island in Alaska in september 2006.

The first meeting with bears is often cery special, to see these plantigrades there, right in front of you, very close to you, to run in the torrents searching for salmon, to see a female defending her bear cubs with violence against a male twice as big as her.


© Patrick Delieutraz - A young bear fishing salmon - Kodiak - Alaska

A fabulous week with almost every day the scene of bears in complete freedom.
The key rule during this week was no trouble of the fauna, but neither of the land of Kodiak. A trip to make and make again...


© Patrick Delieutraz - A young bear of about one year old, taking a nap on the beach. Kodiak

The following year, I was in Finland in june in other conditions. Nights only last for a few moments, just the time for the sun to disappear below the horizon and two hours after to rise again.

At one a.m, taking a photo of the risaing sun....Spending the night alone, waiting in a hide for a bear to smell fish. A I fell asleep, the arrival of a bear made me stay awoken and to take advantage of this show.


© Patrick Delieutraz - A beautiful specimen searching in a tree trunk - Kuhmo - Finland

Other lights, in semi darkness, with the mist of the lake, its reflection too...


© Patrick Delieutraz The reflection in the lake, what else ?


My dream, we always need dreams in our life, to go and meet the polar bears in canada or Svalbard..."

If you want to see the other photos of Patrick, go to his website clicking here

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You are here :   Welcome » A magical meeting
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