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Thanks to Stefano  and his wife to allow me to publish the following lines.

© Stefano Unterthiner
Stefano, Italian photographer and author began serious photography at the age of 17, went to study zoology, obtaining a Ph. D from the University of Aberdeen, and he started his career as a professionnal photographer.
On of his first assignment won him the prestigious " Mario Pastore " prize for best young environnmental journalist
© Stefano Unterthiner
Stefano is the author of five photographic books, he 's a regular prize-winner in the international BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, and his work is widely published in magazines worldwide such as  National Geographic, Géo, BBC Wildlife, Terre sauvage, Anima, Airone.
Stefano travels regularly around the world in search of new subjects for his photos stories. He specialises in telling an animal's life story, living in close contact with his chosen species for long period.  

© Stefano Unterthiner
Most of all,Stefano has a strong commitment to wildlife conservation and environnmental issues, and he particularly interested on human-nature interaction.
In 2004, Stefano received for his work on endangered wildlife, the  " Premio Nazionale di Ecologia Luigiano d'Oro", an annual prize awarded to Italians for their conservation achievements.
Since march 2007, Stefano is a member of ILCP, the International League of Conservation Photographers ".

© Stefano Unterthiner
Concerninf his work about bears ,he published in october  2009 " The nights of the bear" (Ed Ylaios), a book of photos about brown bears, In English and Italian.

80 nights in a small hide isolated in the Finnish Taïga. 80 nights waiting for the bear. Season after season, wildlife photographer Stefano Unterthiner reveals his encounters with brown bears, as well as wolves and wolverines. A story images wich take us to the  kingdom of the most fascinating and mysterious inhabitant of the boreal forests.


The publisher and the author have decided to help IFAW in Russia. 

To discover the other photos of Stefano, go to his website clicking here

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You are here :   Welcome » His nights with bears
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