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Collin BOGLE , an amazing painter

Thanks to Collin to gave me the opportunity of speaking about him and to make his interview.


Collin was born and raised in Kirkland, in Washington state and still live there. He is 37 years old and have been selling his art since he was 20.
In the ten years since he burst on to the art scene, award winning artist, Collin Bogle has created a national following for his strikingly realistic wildlife.
Son of a famous American artist, Collin learnt the concepts of technique, composition and design from his father. His ability to capture details is absolutly amazing.
He uses pastels, colored pencils, watercolor and acrylics, whatever it takes to create the superbly-lighted, realistic and almost photographic images that have gained him an impressive reputation. He has exhibited in art shows through the United States and his originals are on display in prominent galleries nationwide.

© Collin Bogle
Collin, from where is coming your inspiration ?

The nortwest is rich in natural and beautiful habitats to photograph and use as reference for my paintings.  Although being a painter of light, I wish we had more sunny days !

© Collin Bogle

Do you use your own photos to do your paintings ? For example to paint your grizzlis bears and polar bears , did you visit Alaska or Arctic area ?

I use a combination of the photos I take out in the wilderness or the zoos and photos I find in books, magazines and the internet. I collage and use many photos as reference for my detailed paintings.

© Collin Bogle
Why do you paint bears ? What do they represent for you ?

I think bears are powerful yet beautiful animals. I like to paint them in their natural habitat capturing moments that the average person or even professional photographer would never see.

© Collin Bogle
Collin I would like to thank you for your answers to my questions and also congratulate you for being so talented.
© Collin Bogle

If you want to know more about the other Collin's paintings go on his website clcking here


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You are here :   Welcome » An amazing realism
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