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Do you remember the famous garden dwarf who made a trip round the world taking photos in the film "Amélie Poulain " ? Yes ?

Well, two young german business men that I have contacted propose to make your teddy bear visit Berlin . You don't believe me ?

So read the below article. Karsten Morshett and Thomas Vetsch gave me the permission to publish it.


© teddy-tour with the agreement of Thomas Vetsch

Press release - Berlin, 10th october 2006

Send your cuddly toy on holiday !

The newcomer in the travel business TEDDY TOUR BERLIN offers recreation for teddy bears in Germany's capital city Berlin. Holidays in the city for stressed teddy bears - that's Karsten Morschett (34) and Thomas Vetsch (32) from Berlin have to offer

The young businessmen know from experience, what cuddly toys have to suffer :

" years and years of cuddling, hugging, kicking and being soaked with tears - this is bound to leave its marks on our friends- Not only physical but also psychological ones ! "" says K. Morschett.

Now the exhausted teddy bears have the opportunity to relax and build up new energy, so that they're able to comfort, console and support their owners again.

© Teddy-tour


As all the tourists, the cuddly tourists will have a sight-seeing-tour through the city.In the basket of a bicycle, with a trailer behind them, they can enjoy the sights and relax, while the two tour guides do all the hard work.

They visit the TV-tower at the Alexanderplatz, the Brandebourg Gate, the Column of Victory, the checkpoint Charlie and finally enjoy a picnic in Berlin's central park, the famous Tiergarten, where they are offered a variety of Berlin specialities like Boulette, Schrippe, and Berliner Weiße (beer).


© Teddy tour

But it's not only an emotional well-being that is provided.

The two entrepreneurs from Berlin have also hired a trained physiotherapist to complete their team. Bettina Kaiser (33) offers relaxing massages which are - obviously- included in the price.

To show you what a lovely time they've had - and so they can remember the lovely holiday - your teddy bear will bring home an album full of pictures, their new passport, a certificate and a surprise souvenir.



But are your teddy bears in good hands ? The tour guides are aware of the high emotional value of a cuddly toy :

" A teddy cannot be replaced by money ! That's why we treat them with the greatest care - from the moment they arrive right until they leave !" says thomas Vetsch, who would only give his own teddy into very caring hands.

Further information about Teddy-tour-Berlin you can find online: clicking here

I received a mail from Teddy-Tour this 31th March 2008 with this first news :

"TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is named ambassador for Berlin!

We feel honoured and flattered!

The governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, named TEDDY TOUR BERLIN to ambassador for Berlin! His explication: "People like you make our town worth living and loving. It is therefore a great pleasure to me to appoint you as ambassadors for Berlin."

And this second news : "TEDDY TOUR BERLIN on the ITB.For the first time, TEDDY TOUR BERLIN exhibited on a trade fair - on the Internationale Tourismusbörse Berlin (ITB), the largest trade fair for tourism in the world.

We reached a lot of people, distributed thousands of leaflets and caused a lot of astonishment...

UPDATE : The 6th of march 2010

TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is turning 5 years old this summer and is in the midst of the preparations for the TEDDY BEARS DAY TOUR.

The first travel agency for cuddly toys is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

So far, more than 300 stressed cuddly toys from all over the world have been in Berlin to be visiting with TEDDY TOUR BERLIN.

TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is a travel agency run by Karsten Morschett (38) and Thomas Vetsch (34). Since 2005 TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is offering holiday packages for stressed cuddly toys while taking them to Berlin on a sightseeing tour.

Sites visited include photo shoots, whereby the cuddly toys poses in front of local landmarks, picnic at Tiergarten and many other things.
TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is supporting nestwärme e.V. Deutschland; a charitable organisation that supports families with handicapped children or with chronic diseases.

In this regard the governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, has awarded the title of official ambassador to the city of Berlin to TEDDY TOUR BERLIN as part of the campaign "be Berlin".

"The motivations of the owners by sending their cuddly toys to Berlin are quite different" says Morschett. "Most of them are utterly impressed of that idea, while other people are just looking for unique gift ideas".

Morschett, who is working full-time as a Theatre Director in the theatre field and as Event Manager for "krimimobil - Dinner und Krimi" adds, that they often receive cuddly toys from health-impaired persons who are not be able to travel. "I have read very heart touching stories" says Morschett.

Over the last five years TEDDY TOUR BERLIN has received cuddly toys from all over the world. So far, the longest journey was made by a cuddly toy from Tasmania but also German cuddly toys have been sent to Berlin by their owners. "Cuddly toy owners are quite different" says Morschett.

"From a lawyer to a dominatrix; they all were at it."

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is offering a special "Teddy-Bears-Day-Tour" that includes not only the traditional picnic at Tiergarten and photo shoots in front of local landmarks but also a trip to yet-to-be seen sights of Berlin.

Karsten Morschett
Teddy Tour Berlin
Weichselstrasse 49 - D-12045 Berlin -
Tel.: +49 (0)30 4786-4108 - Mobil: +49 (0)176 83082-622

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