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Etatsun1.gif ALASKA : It's the greatest state of The United States. Bordered by the Arctic ocean in the north and the Bering sea and the Pacific ocean on the south. It's one of the last world wide areas. Here are 98 per cent of the American brown bears and 70 per cent of the bears from North America. We can also find the Kodiak bear in Alaska.

carte ours polaire.jpg
ARCTIC: Ocean which strechs out about 14 million square kilometres. Almost half of it is always iced. In winter the temperature is about -40° and in summer : 10°


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BARIBAL: or black bear ( ursus americanus)  : it's the bear we can find in the forests of North America. Excellent climber, it feeds itself with fruit, insects, carrions? It's also good fish catcher.

ours_ld.jpgBEAR : Ours In English . The name of some American plants comes from bears  : bear grass or xérophylle - bear flower or saxifrage of Richardson - bear clover, one  rosacée - bear berry, one bear grape.

Russ Berrie.jpg
BERRIE, Russ : 1933-2002 : American creator of the teddy bear brand : Russ.


BOYDS :  American brand of teddy bears, created by G.M.Lowenthal.


BROWN bear : Ursus arctos. It has a vast repartition area, from asia to Europa where there are only endangered populations. We can also see it in America ( north Canada and Alaska) with two under-species : the grizzli and the Kodiak. 

BUKOWSKI, Barbara : Swedish creator of the teddy bear brand Bukowski.

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CHURCHILL : Town located in the Hudson bay, the kingdom of the polar bear. It's in Churchill, that every automn, hundreds of polar bears gather on the coasts waiting for the forming of ice floe.


CLAWS : Information from the book of Catherine and Remi Marion " Cap sur les ours ". The brown bear has foreleg claws of 5 or 7 centimetres. They are powerful and not retractile and deeply mark each footprint. The scratches on trees indicate the crossing of bears

COLLAR bear: Bears from Asian mountains ( Himalaya) are named collar bears because of a crescent like stain on its breast. It is a vegetarian bear : fruit, nuts, corn, but also nuts of bees, insects...

Curwood.jpgCURWOOD, James Oliver : (1878-1927) : American journalist  and novelist, from Michigan, known for his adventure novels located in the Great North. He was inspired by Jack London. Quote "the Grizzli" and "Kasan"

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panda1.gifDAVID, Father Armand : (1826-1900): french missionary and zoologist who discovered the Great Panda for the first time in 1869 in the chinese area of Setchouan.


DEN : When winter comes, bears look for one refuge to hibernate. They will choose a shelter or a cave. The bear organizes its den with grass and branches.

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oursbrun.gifFIEP-BEARS : is a french association to protect nature.It was created in 1975. Its aim is to maintain the pyrenean pastoral farms. Since its creation, the "FIEP" has been taking concerted action to make the shepherd and the bear live well together in the Pyrenees.


FOOT PRINT : :Information from the book of Catherine and Remi Marion " Cap sur les ours". " We can deduct a lot of informations from the bears footprints. The black bear footprints (5 fingers) are very recognizable. The former paws are 13 or 18 cm long and 8 to 10 wide. They show incurved fingers ( to climb the trees). The foreleg footprint comes before the forefeet one. For the brown bear, the 5 fingers are lined. The polar bear is more discreet. The main trace of its passing over is its footprints.

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GRIZZLI: Brown big bear ( Canada and The United States)

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HABITAT: Information from the book " Cap sur les ours " from Catherine and  Rémy Marion.

Collar bear :It lives in the Asian mountainous areas ( Himalaya - Tibet) . We can see it until 3000 m high.It passes winter in the valleys. It hibernates on the north of its repartition area. 
The sun bear  : It lives in the humid tropical forests. It lives in the trees ( Noth esat of India, Bangladesh, China , Thailand) 
The Asian black bear  : India, Ceylan, Népal . It lives in the forests. But the deforestation destroys its habitat.
The spectacled bear  :(South America ) :  In the humid and dry forests
The greatPanda  : (China)  . Lives between 1200 and 3500 m high in the bamboo deep forests.
The black bear  : North America from the New Brunswick to  Alaska. It lives in the forest areas.
The brown bear : We can see it on 3 continents : The United States and Canada ; Europa ( Romania, Slovénia ,Czech Republic , France ; Russia (Kamtchatka and eats of Siberia. It's generally lonely with a larger area for males.
The polar bear : It lives in the arctic areas. It has no territory but covers the immensities of a landscape which is continuously moving.

carte ours polaire.jpgHUDSON bay : Located in Canada between Quebec and Ontario, it was one of the largest in the world. It has the name of an English explorer, Henry Hudson, who was prisoner of the icefloe with his boat, in 1610. It's the rendez-vous of the polar bears in automn, on the Churchill banks.

oursbrun.gifHIBERNATION ou WINTERING  : The hibernation is a torpor state for many animals in winter with a reduction of their body temperature and cardiac rhythm.
For the bear, we use " wintering " beacuse it can go out of its tanner if the weather is sunny or if it hears noise.

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ICE FLOE : The melting of ice is one of the most evident sign of the climate warming up. The polar bears are endangered species. If the warming up is not stopped, yhe ice floe will totally disappear in 2070. And our children would see the death of one of the most imposing animal in the world : the polar bear.

INUIT: People of the arctic areas of North America ( Alaska, Quebec, Groenland ). Their ancestors came from asia, 8000 years ago. The Inuits lived on surrounding nature. Today, they try to pass on their ancestors heritage to their descents.

INUK: Inuk " au dos de la terre" from Roger Buliard, is a book which presents the Eskimos and their civilization, as he met    them in 1934/1937 in the Canadian Great North.

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Vincentmunier3.jpgKAMTCHATKA:  Peninsula located in Siberia, in the esat of Russia, bordered by the Bering sea and the pacific ocean. It's one of the wildest area in the world. This territory was only opened to foreign visitors in 1922. Here we can find the most important population of bears.

Grizzly_Alaska.jpgKATMAI: Located in the north of the peninsula of Alaska, the national parl of Katmaï has about 2000 grizzlis. It's the largest protected population of bears in the United States. The hunting of bears stopped in 1917

KERMODE  bear : This black bear which became white is a bear from the black bear family which has a recessive gene. We can find it on the north coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Aleut Isl fr plane 2.jpg
KODIAK :  An island in the south of Canada which became the favourite area of the bears with the same name. The great male is 3 metres tall and it weighs about one ton.


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MERRYTHOUGHT : English brand of teddy bears created in 1919.

MICHTOM, Morris : Russian immigrant , who lived in Brooklyn, in the United States and decided to market the famous teddy bear in 1913.

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NANOUK : Novel by Roger Buliard. The true adventures of polar bears hunters in the Canadian Great North.


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ONE VOICE : Placed under the patronage of Professor Theodore Monod, One Voice is a French association created in 1955. One voice campaigns for the rights of animals. They fight for respect, freedom and wish their life would be understood and recognized by everybody.

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PADDINGTON : The Paddington bear is a fiction teddy bear created by the English Michael Bond in a book named " A bear called Paddington " published in 1958 for the first time.

PANDA : Considered as a special bear, the great panda is recognizable thanks to its black and white fur. Its live in the great bamboo forests. It is considered as the rarest animal in the world.

Petit ours brun.jpg
Petit Ours Brun  is a series of children illustrated stories concerning the life of a teddy bear named " Petit ours brun ", with "maman Ours " and " papa ours " his parents. This character was created by Claude Lebrun and the magazine Pomme d'Api. The illustrator is Daniele Bour.

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Canada1.gifQUEBEC : Canadian province whose capital  city is Quebec.The black bear is the only member of the bears' family represented in Quebec and lives in the forest of Quebec.

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cartonnberryman1.jpgROOSEVELT : who was president of the United States would be at the origin of the teddy bear. According to some historians, its origin was linked to the teddy bear offered to Theodore Roosevelt after an unsuccessfull hunting. During this hunting, only one bearcub was captured and presented to the president who refused to kill it saying : " that he wouldn't have the heart to look at his children in the eyes ". The name of this teddy bear weel known all over the world would come from the president 's nickname : Teddy.

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SPECIES : The bear family or URSIDES is actually composed of eight species divided into three genus : the great panda, the specacled bear, the sloth bear, the sunbear, the American black bear, the Asian black bear, the brown bear and the polar bear.

margaretsteiff1.jpgSTEIFF, Margaret : For some other historians , the German Margaret Steiff is the one who created the teddy bear in 1903. A button sewn on the ear of the teddy bear with the name "Steiff" is a guarantee of authenticity. her bears are the most valuable teddy bears on the market.

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TEDDY BEAR : "Ours en peluche" in English

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URSIDES : The bears or Ursidés form a mammal carnivourous family.

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Mirjaourslecteur1.jpgVRIES, Mirja  de: Photograph and designer, Mirja de Vries was born in Amsterdam, where she also works and lives. In 1974, she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a degree in graphic design and photography. Since 1975, she had had the privilege of photographying many rare, famous and some of the most unusual Teddies from private collections. She became more and more fascinated by teddy bears, especially old teds which had experienced life, and began photographying them in their favourite cosy places.

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mesours24(1).jpgWINNIE THE POOH :is a fictional bear created by A. A. Milne. The character first appeared in the children's books Winnie-the-Pooh (1926) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928).


WWF :World Wildlife Fund was created in 1961. It's one of the largest environmental organization in the world.

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Canada1.gifYUKON : Territory in the north west of Canada, on the right of Alaska. It's an area where we can especially find black bears.

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SOPHIE' S ZOURS : Sophie 's website who she talks about her passion for teddy bears. She also creates some.Z'OURS, Sophie

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