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It's on facebook that I met Guillaume and seeing his wonderful sculptures, I asked to speak about him that he agreed to do. Thanks to him.

Guillaume Mongenet, sculptor
born May 5, 1980 in Franche Comte. Based in Alsace Schiltigheim (works of sculpture and observe the animals in the Jura)
I started drawing animals at the age of 7 years after discovering the watercolors of Albrecht Dürer that I really copy.
Then I started wood carving at age 12, the design does not allow me to express what I observed in nature.
I studied in ecology after baccalaureat and then I spent 6 years at the School of Fine Arts where I learnt the art of gravure. I am now an independent artist
©  Guillaume Mongenet

I regularly the chance to train some students to engraving and sculpture naturalist.
I usually work from sketches made in nature by the method of the naturalist Robert Hainard.
Apart from exotic woods, I pick my own wood in areas where I see the animals (yew, boxwood, juniper ...).
I cut my wood myself and take the charge of the drying and does not use any machine.
©  Guillaume Mongenet

I proceed the same way for the pigments that I use for my prints and drawings (ground powder, minerals, crushed, charred wood, metal oxides ...)
The brown bear is an animal that I deal almost exclusively in wood carving.
Unfortunately I work only from photos for bears, so I made some drawings and only a large lithograph of him.
It's an animal for which I am passionate about through Inuit sculptors and cave paintings (particularly those of the Chauvet cave).
ours en cerisier (enfance).jpg
©  Guillaume Mongenet

I have always a little bear wood carving in the pocket knife when I spend hours waiting for an animal in nature.
Usually these are the animals I meet on my way to decide my next sculpture ...the bear is really greedy for me to sculpt and it regularly.
It is a little breadcrum Ariadne's thread in the evolution of my way to sculpt and majesty goes very well with the colors and textures of my wood.
zoom ours.jpg 
                                                                                                  ©  Guillaume Mongenet
I work with my little brother Richard who performs the same job as me. I realize books about animals with him

To learn more about the work of Guillaume , go to his facebook page clicking here or on  youtube clicking there

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You are here :   Welcome » Nature through sculpture
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