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Once upon a time HUAN HUAN and YUAN ZI, two treasures in France.

Thanks to David Algranti, our " pandassador"  who send me informations to allow me to speak about the history of Huan Huan and Yuan Zi.

It's in Chengdu, in China, that the two pandas were born and welcomed by France in january 2012.

Who are they ?

Huan Huan,
the female, was born on the 10th of august 2008. Daughter of Qi Zhen (born the 4th of september 199 in Chengdu) and of Lin Lin.
Huan Huan was born on the year of the Olympic games. The welcoming sentence of the Olympic Games was " Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni" which means " Pekin is happy to wish you welcome ". Five pandas cubs were born this same year and were named Bei Bei, jing Jing, Ni Ni and Huan Huan which means " Welcome" or " great joy ".


Huan Huananglais.jpg

Huan Huan has very beautiful features. She is very calm and have a tendency to strike a pose. We can recognize her thanks to a little twictch she has : she often hangs her tongue.

Yuan Zi , the male was born on the 6th september 2008. He was the first cub of Yuan Yuan ( born on the 1st august 2003 in the base of Chengdu) and of ping Ping, one of the last very young panda catched in the wild ( november 1991).


Yuan zi3.jpg
Yuan Zi © David Algranti

Yuan Zi means " Yuan's son " and Yuan means " round" because Yuan has a round head and his son too. We can easily recognize him thanks to the black irregular marks around his eyes, sprinkled with white hairs en some spots. He has a tendency to perform acrobatics; likes to stand holding the bars or climbs everything he can.

These two pandas were choiced because they are enough genetically distants and they always have been in a good health. So they were good candidates for a long trip, an easy adaptation to a new zoo and, we hope, a future breeding. Otherwise, they grew together and they get used one to another. We can see them always kindly squabble for a piece of apple . They only are  three years old and when they'll reach their sexual maturity, they probably begin to less kindly squabble and they'll have to be separate.

The adults are solitary animals and the Beauval zoo has planned two separate enclosures. For the breeding, we never know if these two pandas will enjoy to be sexually together.
It's possible that's nothing happens. in this case, the Beauval zoo will probably try an assited insemination, in accordance with very under controle techniques, avoiding stress or anaesthesia for the pandas.

5 years of negotiation ( 2006-2011) end for our two pandas in a very long trip between Chengdu in China and Saint- Aignan sur Cher in Touraine ( France) 


Pandas et gardienanglais.jpg

 In  2006, China set about a visit to Paris to promotethe giant panda. Among the journalists who were present for this occasion, Françoise Delord, the directing of Beauval zoo.  She announces her interest for the pandas and their sageguard and also her wish to adopt two pandas. Exchanges set up between Chengdu base and the Beauval zoo . At the same time, There are  negotiations on a political level.  To receive the pandas, it's absolutly necessary to have the Chinese president's agreement;  The project finaly succeeds as you know because the medias made a lot of comment about that.
Our two pandas were rent out by China for a period of ten years.

A history to be continued............because I'll go soon to Beauval to take photos of our two "treasures of China"  and give you news. 

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