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Update the 10th of july 2019

I  am speaking to all readers of my website, because I need you for helping my friend Denis Alexander Torres who is the founder of the Friends of the spectacled bears Club of which I manage the French page. Here is the translation of the message I just received. I am counting on you to participate in the call for donations that Denis has just launched to continue to save the spectacled bears of Venezuela. The socio-political situation is very difficult and we need you. A big thank you in advance if you can give (the smallest amount is important) and also share clicking here

" Dear Friends, We are just a week to celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Foundation AndigenA was created on july 13th 1999 to fostering research, environmental education and local involvement in issues related to biodiversity conservation in the Venezuelan Andes. During this long time one of our main efforts has been focused on to promote the Andean bear conservation and its habitat. Due to the complex socio-political situation in Venezuela, almost all the doors from our support requests were closed and consequently the financial help from the large international organizations devoted to environmental conservation was disrupted. For this reason, today we can survive only through sincere support and friendship of a few people like you. As probably you has noted, we have been working very hard during last years in order to sustain the environmental education through our Andean Bear's Friends Club. In this way, we have launched today a new crowdfunding campaign through a safe site on internet in order to try getting new supports that allow us to guarantee our activities in the near future. We will be more than happy and deeply grateful if you can give us a sample of LOVE and COMMITMENT to save the Andean bear in a country like Venezuela. Please, also help us to spread the word about this campaign among your friends and contacts. Together we can make a difference! We hope to keep up the enthusiasm in the near future... We look forward to heating from you soon. In advance Thank you so much!, Sincerely, Denis Alexander Torres"


Update the 22th of january 2019

ANDEAN BEAR’S FRIENDS CLUB 2018: A year of big achievements

LogoClubel oso.jpg

Link to the Facebook page : clicking here

Our educational activities are carried out along Mérida mountain range in the nucleus of Venezuelan Andes. In this area is located Mérida city
between two large protected areas (Sierra Nevada national park and Sierra de La Culata national park) where Andean bears roam freely in the forests and meadows.


Sierra de la Culata - Copyright Denis Alexander Torres


Merida City - Copyright Denis Alexander Torres


Andean Bear - Copyright denis Alexander Torres


Andean bear habitat - Copyright Denis Alexander Torres

2018: A year of big achievements

Greeting from the Andean mountains of Merida, Venezuela!Currently Venezuela presents a very complex socio-political and economic situation which calls the attention of the worldwide mass media.
This scenario influences everything that happens internally in the country and especially affects the development of any environmental conservation initiative. Solve the basic needs (access to food, security, transportation, etc.) demands almost all the energy and daily attention of Venezuelan people, leaving environmental issues in a situation of abandonment.
Ironically, the environmental destruction is promoted even by the same governmental authorities in the framework of an absurd strategy to obtain quick and easy money to sustain a chaotic system in detriment of the exhaustion and destruction of the natural heritage. In front of a so discouraging scene is when it is worth more fight and bet on the positive in order to move forward.
This situation has also allowed us to recognize another shocking reality. Most large international organizations (zoos and NGO) that preach environmental messages ignore openly the calls for help from Venezuela.

Already Andean bears, tapirs, spider monkeys, jaguars, dolphins, condors and a long list of endangered species are not a conservation priority if they are in Venezuelan territory. The contradiction is evident. On the one hand, those large organizations warn about the importance of protecting endangered species and their environments, but
in the praxis, indifference dominates their actions. The large amounts of money they get are invested mainly in propaganda and bureaucracy that do nothing to solve the environmental problems.
Fortunately, not everything is white or black and in an appeal to shades of gray, a year ago we bet for rescue our educational initiative called Andean Bear's Friends Club, through which we seek to make people aware on the importance in protecting Andean Bear and its habitat. Fortunately our call of support got your kind attention. For this reason we want present you this brief report in correspondence with our commitment to invest 100% of your donation in the objectives and goals presented in our crowdfunding campaign.
On the eve of this end of the year and with the hope of sustaining our educational work in the near future, we want to express you our sincerest gratitude. These advances and achievements were possible thanks to your generous and valuable support!

We reach these achievements with only 4 US dollars per day.

We covered the living expenses to spread lectures and educational activities to more than 500 children in different schools from the Mérida Mountains.




We bought our own domain ( to position better our blog on Internet searches. We pay a year for the domain and hosting of our institutional website ( in order to spread interesting environmental information to a wide public.

We produce 100 T-shirts with our logo to donate to children in those schools most humble of the city and Mérida countryside. We donated T-shirts to the children with cancer in Merida Hospital.



We produce a series of illustrations for visually support the content of educational materials published by the Club through the internet.

We maintain an active presence in social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) since we were able to pay for the Internet services. Likewise, we purchase a few softwares for the design of the educational materials.

We donate basic educational materials (printed publications, paper and pencils) in some schools in the city.




2017 : Dear Friends and Nature Lovers, ( Text by Denis Alexander Torres) 


China has its panda, North America its grizzly and both are recognized as worldwide conservation symbols. However, very few of you possibly know that South America also has its own native species of bear, one that is closely related and closely resembles the panda with large white circles around its eyes, an engaging nature and a marked preference for bamboo shoots in its diet. This species is the spectacled bear or Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus).

But with fewer than 1,000 left in the wild in Venezuela and the pressures on it increasing daily, the few remaining spectacled bears are in grave danger of becoming pinned-down in very small areas which severely limit their ability to behave naturally and move about normally. Already this beautiful creature is classified as “Vulnerable” by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and “Endangered” by the Red Book of the Venezuela’s Fauna.


Between 1999 and 2012, I coordinated an environmental education program focused on the spectacled bear conservation in Venezuela, which was called “The Spectacled Bear Comes to School”. This initiative was carried out through AndígenA Foundation, a Venezuelan non-governmental organization devoted to the environmental conservation in the Andean region.

Since the beginning, “The Spectacled Bear Comes to School” educational program was supported by several international organizations committed to wildlife conservation from USA and Europe. The cooperation effort it allowed us carried out a successful job in numerous educational centres, especially rural schools, through an intense schedule of public presentations. More than 10,000 children received qualified information about the spectacled bear and its habitat. In 2005 we launched another educational initiative called “Spectacled Bear Defenders Club” more focused to spread the information in the urban areas of the Merida State besides the internet.

Despite the positive results, the financial support to both initiatives was stopped in 2012. The international organisations did not want to support us anymore due to the socio-political situation in Venezuela. But beyond this argue spectacled bear and its valuable habitat are still threatened and demand our higher attention in order to guarantee a healthy environmental for all: human beings and nature.

Though spectacled bear’s hunting is forbidden by law, this activity is still common in several rural areas of the Venezuelan Andes, even inside the national parks. This problematic can be explained because of lack of insufficient financial resources, inadequate training, or lack of motivation among the governmental authorities. This situation obliges the implementation of a strong educational component, where combined strategies can be addressed to the general public (basically urban) and to inhabitants of the species’ distribution area (basically rural).

Beyond the lack of interest in supporting this successful long-term education initiative, we are still committed to continue it to promote the conservation of the spectacled bear and the biodiversity of the Andean mountains.

In August 2017, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to restart the environmental education program in favor of the Andean bear Conservation in Merida Mountains, Venezuela. After 2 months, on September 15th, the campaign finished and our goal was not reached. We were only able to get 20% of the requested amount. However, the money received will allow us to spread several talks in schools and high schools in order to disseminate important information about the bear and its environment. One of the most important achievements of this campaign was to buy a computer to reinforce the educational work that we maintain through a blog www.clubamigosdeloso.blogspot and other sites on the internet.

We are deeply grateful for the valuable support expressed by 9 people around the world and in especially, we appreciate the demonstration of friendship, trust and credibility in our work. We got support by 5 people from the United States, 1 from France, 1 from Spain, 1 from Germany and 1 from Canada; Of these people 3 are Venezuelans which particularly fills us with pride. This unconditional support is a sign of LOVE and real COMMITMENT toward the Andean bear conservation in a country where environmental conservation issues are a very low priority.

Ours afficheclubosoandino.JPG

Since now, we are committed to continue our educational work in the coming months. Our work will also be a humble tribute to the memory of Michael “Mike” Dee (†), a wonderful human being who listened our call of support and his life was a true inspiration for all the people connected in their hearts with the conservation of wildlife.

From now on, we are all involved in this utopian idea of ​​saving the Andean bear in Venezuela, a wonderful country full of contrasts.

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