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Some organizations used bears for commercial purposes.


"Symbol of a far and healthy nature, of an exacting and well-balanced life, the bear appears in a lot of advertising pictures to praise the worth of different products "

You can see the ad here above for a shoe polish brand.

The polar bears are preparing the shoe polish and the brown bear is showing the well polished boot.


The bear in Coca-Cola ads. Why devoting it these lines ?

Because this brand chose the polar bear for a lot of advertisaing campains, to prove that Coca is a refreshing drink.

The design of the bears is very nice and varies with the topics.

I take the opportunity to speak about the history of this drink. It's on 8th of May 1886, that Doctor John Pemberton, a chemist in Atlanta invented a fizzy drink.

He perfected a mixture with kola nuts, sugar, coca leaves and vegetal extracts.

Coca-Coal was born. In 1895 three years after the foundation of the Coca-Cola company, an unprecedented advertising campain was beginning?

Asa Candler, one of the shareholders,declared that Coca-Cola would be drunk all over the United States.



We also see it in hoardings, in the back covers of novels, in magazines.

In 1906, the company spent 500,000 dollars in ads.

New factories are created in a lot of states From the beginning of its history, Coca-Cola placed orders to the biggest illustrators to transmit its drink qualities.

A lot of actors will praise the Coca-Coal values.

After the second world war, Coca-Cola invades Europe.


Many ads use bears as a "faire-valoir"
The ad here above was created in 1893 by a factory from "Ariège" to praise it cheese qualities.



This other as for beer was realized in 1950.

To quote Dominique Pascal : "It was necessary to dare making this ad, that nature itself would not have imagined : one half brown, half white bear.

You would have understood that it's the good effect of the Brüna beer that changes the frosty polar bear into a warm brown bear."

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