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This is the interview I have given to the webmaster of "Oursement vôtre " I put on my favourite links.

You will also have the opportunity to see this interview directly on this website.

1 - My name is Geneviève Hamelin, I am french and I was born in Versailles but I have been living in Angers for many years.

I am a librarian in a secondary school since 1977 and I like my job very much and the good contact with pupils.

As you know, I like all about bears and I am an arctophile but I also like reading, cinema, impressionnist painting, photography, trips, gardening and nature.

2 - I have a collection of teddy bears ( I have some from differennt countries : France, The United-states, New -Zealand, oursfamillebukowskibis.jpgBielorussia,Belgium, Sweden, England...).

I also collect all about bears ( books, objects, sculptures..)

I put my teddies in some rooms according to their personality. My favourite teddy bear "Nicolaj" is placed on one of the living room armchairs. Some of them more fragile are in a display cabinet. The other teddies are in my office.

3 - My passion for teddy bears comes from childhood ( I still have my first teddy bear).

But my collection dates back from a more recent period. Perhaps it corresponds to a more difficult period of life when we lose our loved ones and old memories come back to our minds.

The teddy bear is one part of these memories.

I will quote Ted Menten :

" What a miracle life is, and how whimsical that in all their genevieveoursbaribal3.jpgwonder and their pain, their confusion and their joy, Human beings had the idea to create teddy bears to keep them company and help them make it through the hard times ".

4 - My favourite teddies are those which look like the genuine bear. I have some dressed up teddies but I prefer the "naked" ones.

5 -  I buy teddy bears in specialized shops or during exhibitions ( it's the case for New-Zealand teddies I have bought in an exhibition in Paris).

As my relatives know about my passion. I often get teddies as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

I received some by pupils at the end of the school year.Unfortunately,I can't make the teddies myself.

6 - I also like real bears, because I think we can't like teddy bears without having an interest for the real ones which serve as models.

The Teddy bear was inspired by the American brown bear.I admire bears which are fantastic animals, powerful, impressive and which have inspired the human beings for ages.genevievelondres1.jpg

7 - As an arctophile, I don't feel different. It's true that when I speak about my passion, people are a little surprised at the beginning.

Perhaps because it seems childish for my age, but I claim this passion for teddy bears and bears, and I totally assume it with a smile.

En tant qu’amatrice d’ours, non je ne me sens pas du tout spéciale.

8)The ideal teddy bear, is the one for which I immediatly have a feeling.

Not the more expansive, not the most beautiful, but the one which attracted me, which lets one emotion get through.

And as Richard Alain rightly said : " The Teddy bear is the only one which knows that you are still five years old deep inside of you ".


© Geneviève Hamelin - Picture taken during a scholastic trip in London in april 2007
Pictures:  © Geneviève Hamelin



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