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Thanks to Laurence Saunois for having accepted to answer this interview as an animal painter.

Her new website : clicking here

These paintings of polar bears are remarkable.

                                                    A l atelier.jpg
                                                                                                                           © Laurence Saunois

What are the great lines of your career ?

I am a very realistic animal painter. Completly self taught, I instinctively paint.
I began to paint thirteen years ago, when one of my friends offered a box of oil painting. It was a catch. I painted everything.

I left the area of paris, eleven years ago, to settle in the countryside. I went to painting as an amator.
Then five years ago, I decided to entirely devote myself to the animal Art, because animals are one of my passions.

For one year, I have been a professionnal. I began a member of the Society of Animal Artists of New York and of the MIWAS in England.

Why did you decide to paint some bears ?

As a lot of people , I saw the film "love earth".

There were in this film, some strong pictures about the Pole ice melting, and the risk to see polar bears disappear in a very short time. When I came back home, I thought I was going to make paintings of polar bears.

I called one " Don't let me die " and another " Need of air ". Polar bears without their ice floe, will be straving, or will die drowned, because they will be tired of searching a piece of icefloe...

Don t let me die - Huile sur toile - 50 cm x 70 cm.jpg
© Laurence Saunois - " Don' t let me die " - Huile sur toile

What is your interest for this animal ? 

The polar bear , for me, is like a symbol : the symbol of the planet which is ill.

The bear is one of the last predators. It's at the top of the food chain. If it disappears, it will be a horrible loss. Through my paintings, I try to make people sensitive to the beauty of this world.

Besoin d air - Huile sur bois - 36 cm x 65 cm.jpg
© Laurence Saunois - " De l'air pour la vie " - Huile sur bois


What are your technics of paintings ?

I have no particular technics. I make long research about the animal in order to know more about it, ti have a lot of documentation.

I like to know my subject. This research also allows me to do my sculptures. I learn how to know the volumes, the animal particularities, its habits , its shelter.....

For the pictural technics, I work traditionnally : It's a question of patience between my pigments, my brushes, my paintings and ..I .

What are your other animal passions except bears ?

I like all sorts of animals without any exceptions. When you live everyday among them, you can only respect and love them. When I don't work in my studio, I observe the fauna during long hours, because I am also an animal photographer.

I like wolves very much. They are animals which have a complicated behaviour. They are fascinating.

You can also add othe elements to this interview.

I would like to say that my bears paintings will be available next spring.

20% of the sale of these reproductions will be given to an association protecting nature, becaus it's normal that an animal painter works for environment.

NEW Here is a wonderful brown bear from the Pyrénées drawn by Laurence at the end of 2008

© Laurence Saunois


Laurence has illustrated  my book  " Sur les pas des ours " : You can find the original illustrations on her website 

Some   illustrations of  " Sur les pas des ours "
P10.jpg P27.jpg
P13.jpg P48.jpg
P8.jpg P15.jpg

A NEW SCRATCHBOARD of a brown bear from Pyrénées : JUNE 2012


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