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" Hello and welcome to all the visitors of my website. The purpose of this site is to collect a lot of documents to make people know the bear.

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I am going to present you in this website, the bear under different topics.

First the teddy bear, testimony and favourite toy of our chidhood, then I will speak about real bears all over the world : their distribution, the different species, the protection stakes and their survival problems, above all for polar bears, because of the climate distur and also the exploitation of some species for their presumed medicinal qualities.

Numerous are the bears which are captured and pulled out from their natural environment.

I would also like to invite you to discover how the bear is represented in Art and culture, and to finish, I would like to make you dream through the drawings, paintings and photographs of some animal photographers and artists who have accepted to make us discover the country of bears " BETWEEN DREAM AND REALITY ".

And to finish this edito, I would like to make a quotation from Bernard de Wetter "We all have a Teddy bear in memory. Witness of our first steps, confidant of our first sorrows or partner of our first angers, he shared our warm nights for a long time,he was our dreams companion. Then we forgot about him...
And today, when we think about the bear - the true one - we often link his picture to the far lands, the wild large areas of Alaska and Canada, or the big mysterious areas and cold forests of Sibéria." 



All the pictures of this website have a copyright. Thanks to contact me or the authors before to use them.



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You are here :  Welcome
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